Bumb Law Can Handle Your Mediation Needs

Mediation offers an alternative method for the resolution of family law disputes.  Many people believe that the contentious process of court litigation is not suitable to a substantial number of family law matters.  Further, most of the courts in Southwest Indiana require that parties attempt to resolve their issues through mediation prior to proceeding with a contested hearing.  Mediation has become a significant part of family law proceedings.  Mediation provides a cost-effective and efficient method of resolving family law issues that allows the parties to retain final decision-making authority over their end result.

The likelihood of resolving your family law matter at mediation is significantly increased if you are represented by an attorney who is skilled and experienced in this method of alternative dispute resolution.  The attorneys at Bumb Law, LLC have years of experience in successfully resolving their clients’ disputes through the mediation process.  Their thorough preparation and expertise will assist you in making important decisions that impact your family’s future.

Laurie Baiden Bumb is trained and registered as a family law mediator.  She has successfully mediated family law disputes in Southwest Indiana for the past 15 years.  Consider scheduling mediation with Laurie as an alternative to litigation in order to resolve your family law issues.

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